Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Love is an Adventure!

So I've been planning Alexis' card for months... MONTHS! I originally intended it to be his Christmas card, but for one reason or another, I never got further than sketching bits of it... well, now that I am finished with the card, I think it better suits Valentine's Day. :)

I'd like to add that, yes, that is a boomerang that Xuco is wielding. Or better yet, a catterang. My materials were colored pencil, watercolors, Sharpie, and LOVE!! I find it unfortunate that the watercolors in this are more washed-out than the original, the LOVE is BOOMING!

Can you tell that we're Adventure Time fans? Well, we are.

Happy Chocolate Day, Alexis Xuconoxtli! I love you! :)