Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Xuco here. Lyndsey and I decided to draw some chinchillas, and so we did. First we took a more naturalistic approach in order to understand what these critters look like. You can see my attempts here:

Then we took a more stylized approach!

And now I turn it over to Lynds:

Hey! First of all, thanks for viewing! Xuco and I have been sketching together for a short while now. What we like to do is to brainstorm ideas, agree on an assignment, time ourselves, and once we are finished, show each other our results. It's a fun way to get the creative juices flowing (ew?) and see the difference in our interpretations. This is also a way that we spend quality time together as a couple since we are currently living 2,115 miles apart from each other! Insanity!

Back to the chinchillas! I would like to point out that while Xuco has a greater amount variety of chinchillas sketched, I have a smaller amount and my stylized chinchillas aren't very different from my realistic ones. Alas! I will try to add more variety next time! :)

Realistic Chinchillas...

Stylistic Chinchillas...

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