Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Portraits of Us!

But not self-portraits. Instead, Lyndsey and I drew each other. Firstly in a more naturalistic manner, and then in a more stylized fashion. Here are my drawings:

I think my first one was looking pretty terrible so I tried again.

That looks more like the Lyndsey I know! And then I tried to draw her in more silly ways on the right.

And some more!

Ah, this is Lyndsey with my Xuco portraits. First I drew a semi-realistic Xuco (we each took 30 min for the realistic portraits)...

And here are my stylized Xucos (15 minutes):

I think I could have pushed the boundaries a little. Well, a lot. Once again, I am having trouble making variations in style, they're all too similar to each other. I need more more MORE exaggeration! Xuco tends to draw very exaggerated faces. Sometimes they are quite scary. In fact, it worries me slightly that he said the second set of portraits look "more like the Lyndsey he knows."

But, really, I think his realistic drawing is still a bit stylized. But to be fair, my stylized drawing is a bit too realistic. I think we each need to push our boundaries: him with drawing with more realism and myself with more stylization. Let's see if Xuco and I can strengthen our drawing skills by focusing on these faults! >:)

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