Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hello, again! This is Lyndsey with the newest batch of sketches! Tonight, Xuco and I drew (OOOooOoOoOh, puns!) our inspiration from Amazon Horned Frog (Ceratophrys cornuta).

We took 25 minutes to draw realistic versions of it. You can see that, instead, I drew two frog skulls, half of a fleshy frog, and a sullen girl in the top-left corner of the page... I really need to focus more on gestures and less on detailed drawings...
But then, Xuco recommended that we followed Katy Hargrove's lead and tried our hands at a fun shape assignment. Basically, we drew simple organic shapes, and later filled the shapes in with details, resulting in a variety of funky wonky frogs! It's a very useful exercise in that it forces you to draw what you know into something unexpected. Read more about her drawing exercise at her blog!

Then we chose our favorite frog. I chose the one in the center of the page... and then we elaborated on our chosen frog, making variations of it.
And now Xuco's frogs:

Mentlegen. Behold, my ribbits:

An interesting critter, this frog. I definitely dig the little pointy ends on its eyes. And now, the shape exercise Lyndsey described above:

I really like this exercise because you end up with this ugly mess, but in there somewhere there is almost always one thing you sort of like and can extrapolate from! And so I did:

And that is all for today, folks!

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